Monday, 21 May 2012

Sleep and Cycling

Ehy y’all
The exms are finished! Done, finite, over. I am so happy that I can finally start relaxing and having a life outside of my uni bubble. Granted I do still have one more deadline remaining, but the main long hard slog is over. I did plan a whole host of celebratory activities, but to be honest for the last week I’ve just wanted to sleep, and chill and do absolutely NOTHING to allow the cortisol and adrenaline to slowly decrease in their levels, plus as soon as this happened my immune system gave in and I became poorly.
This is me post exams

 I do however I live a stones throw away from Windsor great park so I went on a long bike ride led by my cycling enthusiastic boyfriend. It was lengthy and my legs felt beaten after two months of sitting and reading, but I felt really great for doing it.
We caught a glimpse of some beautiful horse and carriage trial of sorts set in the backdrop of Windsor Castle.
 We sat on the lush grass by the lake and ate ice cream in the sun, wandered through the rose garden and watched the horses at Guards. 

 My bike is a Dawes Duchess 2011 version I received for Christmas from my Chap
Skirt is actually a dress from Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan received from my mum as a hammy down. 
Shoes are Primark a couple of years ago. 

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, all taken on my iPhone.
Until next time! 

Steffie x

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