Friday, 4 May 2012

It all started with a bang

Hi everyone.
My very first post. Starting a blog is something I have been debating doing for some time. Quite literally maybe two years. And now push has come to shove I am struggling with what to say.
Therefore I think we should start with some sort of introduction:
Hello, My name is Steffie. I am an undergraduate student of The Royal Holloway University of London (in Surrey actually) and I am in my final stages of my BSc in Biomedical Science.
I am in love with vintage fashion and the general nice things of the mid-century era and try my hardest to encapsulate that in my everyday life.
This blog will primarily be about my fashion, my loves, my interests and general musings that swim around my head. With possibly the odd scientific post thrown in there, but rest assured these will not be lengthy and indepth, as if they were I would send them to New Sicentist, not post them here. Plus, Despite being a soon to be graduate of the School of Biological Science, I neither have the knowledge nor experience to write the lengthy articles like the ones I have to study. But as the name of the blog suggests - it is just a small nod to my scientific background.
I am in no way a vintage 'purist' and doubt I ever will be, but I let it influence my style, as I have done since I was about 17.

So like my profile says:
I love Sience. I love high heels. I do science wearing high heels.

this is me:

And yes, I am sitting in a lecture.

Talk to you soon!

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